About Henry

Who am I and why am I running for Council Ward 2.

-I have lived on the family farm here in Blenheim for more than 50 years.

-I have been married to my wife Mary for 38 years where here on the farm we raised our three sons, all of our sons attended Blenheim High School

-I’ve worked in Chatham Kent as a Psychologist and business owner and Farmer for the past 28 years

-I work in Real Estate Investment and development, understanding the challenges of builders in our community

-I’ve worked on the farm growing cherries and other fruits and vegetables made ice cream, until our sons completed school and moved away.

I am running for Council because I want to work for you to fix our problems, which it turn helps me, my family and friends. I know what to do to put our financial house in order and create a climate where government gets out of the way to let businesses thrive and prosper.

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